Isfahan Carpets – the Most Beautiful Carpets that Persia has to Offer
The carpets from the Iranian cultural center of Isfahan are luxurious and matchlessly beautiful. The city itself is exemplified by artworks and in this same vein, carpets from Isfahan are purest art items of absolute, supreme quality. Their noble materials, vibrant colours and magnificent patterns are captivating and accurate in every detail.

Art and architecture dominate Isfahan
According to a Persian proverb “Isfahan is half the world” which freely translated also means “Isfahan is half of the world”. The proverb means that Isfahan is one of the most beautiful Iranian cities. There is indeed good reason why numerous buildings of the former Persian capital city are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Architectural masterpieces are located throughout the city. Art dominates the entire urban landscape, which is why Isfahan rates as the country’s cultural sanctuary.

Shah Abbas brought art to the city after assuming power in 1588. He allegedly brought 30,000 artists, architects and carpet weavers to Isfahan. Accordingly, many influences gave the carpets their patterns and designs. Artisans from countless different regions commenced working on carpet patterns and continuously developed new symbols and motifs, some of them taken over from architecture.

Isfahan was one of the world’s richest cities in the 17th century. It is therefore not surprising that an oriental rug from Isfahan is something very special and counts among the finest and most luxurious of its kind.

What is so special about Isfahan carpets?
A genuine Isfahan carpet has a fairly short pile and is very finely knotted. Isfahan carpets have at least 600,000 knots per square meter. Knot density may even range up to one million! This is the only way to present patterns in a manner that is accurate in every detail, which is the case for an Isfahan carpet. Isfahan carpets are knotted on a silk warp to achieve their fineness because cotton cannot be spun finely enough. Isfahan carpets are rarely crafted completely from silk; however, exclusive carpets are knotted that contain a high portion of silk.

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