Number of Knots

Number of knots

An important quality feature for oriental carpets is the number of nodes or the weaving density. The higher the number of knots per area, the finer the carpet and the more delicate the patterns. As a result, this also extends the production period. A good and practiced weaver creates about 6,000 to 8,000 knots per day.

You can see how long a weaver takes per square metre of carpet for about 40 hours per week with a working time of about 40 hours per week, see the table below:

Knotweed density (nodes/sqm) Production duration
120.000 1 month
200.000 2 months
450.000 4 months
650.000 6 months
1.000.000 12 months

Depending on the weaving density, oriental carpets can be divided into coarse, medium-fine, fine and very fine qualities. Very fine carpets have a knot count of about 1.000.000 knots per square metre.
If you want to buy an oriental carpets online and count the knots accurately at home, then proceed this way: Flip the carpet over and plug a square with a length of one square centimeter or a square decimeter on the back With pins off. Then count in this area the knot arches that lie around the warp threads. In the end, you count the number up to one square metre.
Since oriental carpets are made by painstaking hand work and a weaver cannot, of course, work as evenly as a machine, irregularities in the weaving density can occur throughout an entire carpet. Therefore, in practice tolerances of 10 percent are not uncommon. You should take that into account when buying a rug online.


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