Interesting Facts about Oriental Carpets

Interesting Facts about Oriental Carpets

Oriental carpets are not a mass-produced product; rather, they are the result of precious handcraftsmanship. They are predominantly crafted in the home, traditionally handmade and characterized by typical patterns, colors and designs. As the name suggests, the carpets come from the "Orient." The typical Persian carpet comes from Iran (formerly Persia) and is considered the "mother" of all oriental carpets. The oriental carpet likewise serves as a template for today's products from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest cultural achievements of mankind and thus deserves high regard as a special cultural asset.

Persian carpets are painstakingly made in cities and villages on a loom in the home, depending on the region. Even roving nomads still knot carpets in the old, traditional style. Nomads craft "nomad carpets" that are highly valuable because they are rare. 

The classic oriental carpet is knotted. In other words, the pile thread is worked into warp threads with a knot. Two knot styles have prevailed, i.e., the symmetrical knot (“Turkish knot”) and the asymmetrical knot (“Persian knot”). However, the two knots have no regional affiliation and are used in all regions. Woven carpets are also available on the market in addition to knotted carpets. The Kelim rug is one of the most famous flat-woven oriental carpets. Its patterns are created by using differently colored weft threads.

Over time, a wide range of designs have evolved by using a very broad range of materials, colors and patterns. Each oriental carpet has its own character and portrays the cultural and historical accents of a respective region. It is easy for an expert to identify the origin of an oriental carpet based on its pattern.

Whether you are interested in a runner, a round carpet or other shapes and sizes, or are looking for a woven Kelim or a slightly simpler Gabbeh, – you will find the right kind of carpet you want in our online shop. Simply click your way through our range of carpets. 


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