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Loribaft Carpet – the High-end Gabbeh
Walking on an oriental rug will feel just right if you want to bring a piece of cultivated home décor and tradition into your rooms and not just toss a rug on the floor. Every single oriental rug is a piece of oriental culture and each carpet is traditionally handcrafted. Oriental rugs are distinguished by categories, and one of them is the Loribaft.

Loribaft Carpets – carpet art from South Persia
The Loribaft carpet is a modern Persian carpet produced in the southern province of Fars in today’s Iran. Loribaft carpets belong to the category “Gabbeh carpets ”. Gabbeh carpets come from southern Persia. The Loribaft carpet is, so to speak, the high-end model among Gabbehs. Loribaft carpets are nomad carpets which means that they have been and traditionally handcrafted for centuries and still are to this day.

The Loribaft is finely knotted. The production time is therefore considerably longer compared with a classic Gabbeh carpet from Persia. This is why fewer Loribafts are produced. Another influential factor is that Loribafts are only a sideline occupation for the Persians, and only small numbers are made for commercial trade. The demand for these carpets continues to grow. The reason for the worldwide demand for Persian carpets, such as Gabbeh or Loribaft, is the combination of traditional craftsmanship with highest quality materials, exclusivity and simultaneous robustness and longevity.

What do Loribaft carpets look like?
Unlike classic Persian carpets, the Loribaft carpet impresses with its modern patterns and use of high-gloss wool. Highly stylized pattern elements from the tradition of Persian nomad carpets characterize the designs of Loribaft carpets. The Loribaft comes in various colours. Natural colors and Loribaft red, one of the most prevalent colours for many Persian carpets, are especially widespread in the same manner as green and blue. The Loribaft comes in highly diverse nuances of red. All of the hues make a natural impression and are never glaring. Nuances of brown are likewise very frequently used for producing a Loribaft carpet. You can combine the Loribaft with every furnishing style and every furniture colour because the colours of a genuine Persian carpet, although strong, are never intrusive or glaring.

What makes a Loribaft carpet special?
The special feature of a Loribaft carpet is the blend of classic nomad patterns from Persia with a significantly higher subtlety in knot weaving. The fringe completions are rather untypical for a Persian carpet and are executed in Kelim style on a Loribaft carpet. The extremely fine and dense knotting of a Loribaft carpet triples the production time of one carpet compared with a normal Gabbeh carpet. However, fine knotting creates a second-to-none quality that makes the carpet extremely robust and durable despite the use of highest quality materials. Elaborate craftsmanship moreover ensures the unique feel and high-quality look of genuine Loribaft carpets.

What materials are used to make Loribaft carpets?
As customary with nomad carpets, a Loribaft carpet is made exclusively from natural and high-grade materials. The Gabbeh-Loribaft is knotted using handspun sheep wool. Both weft and warp of a Loribaft carpet consist of virgin sheep wool. The carpet is robust and hard-wearing, despite its rather fine foundation, and can indeed be laid out in rooms with a good deal of foot traffic.

Loribaft, Rissbaft or Kashkuli?
The Loribaft also goes by the names “Rissbaft” or “Kashkuli”. All of these names are synonyms for the same carpet.

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