Carpet Shades

Carpet Shades

Some oriental carpets allow you to detect slight variations and hues within the shade of color. This phenomenon is called "Abrash" and comes from the Turkish "abraş" which means as much as “spotty” or “checkered”. Shade variations occur primarily in traditionally colored carpets and thus testify to use of natural materials and absolute handcraftsmanship performed in the home. 

Different batches of wool are usually mixed and then spun together especially among nomads or farmers. When dye is added, the wool absorbs the dye’s color differently causing formation of different hues of color. It may also occur that a weaver does not have a sufficient quantity of wool available at the beginning and only gradually prepares and dyes it. It is always difficult to hit the exact same shade when using natural colors.

"Abrash" therefore does not mean a reduction in quality. "Abrash" conversely translates into proof that your oriental carpet is an authentic carpet that is painstakingly handcrafted exclusively with natural materials.  

Schattierung / Abrasch
Shades / Abrash


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