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Oriental carpets – Treasures for your Floor

Oriental carpets are a real highlight for any floor. They attract attention and give a homely and cozy impression. No oriental carpet is exactly like the other because all of them are principally handmade. Oriental rugs share a common origin. As the name suggests, they are all knotted in the Orient (western Asia). The area from Morocco to North Africa and the Middle East to Central Asia is therefore also known as the "carpet belt." Due to different materials, colors and patterns, special carpet types have developed in the respective areas. One of them, for example, is the Persian carpet from Iran.

What are oriental carpets?
Oriental carpets are traditional hand-knotted carpets that originally come from oriental (western Asian) countries. To this day, these carpets are manufactured and traded in the countries of the Orient. The oriental carpet enjoys great popularity and is exported throughout the world. The term "oriental carpets" refers to all carpets that come from the region known as the Orient and that meet the quality standards.

The original colors and patterns of the Persian carpets now serve as a template for a variety of oriental carpets, which are traditionally handmade in countries such as Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The common characteristic feature of all oriental carpets is that they are hand-knotted. The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest crafts and has been especially mastered and passed on by the nomadic peoples of the Orient.

What is so special about oriental carpets?
Oriental carpets are true collector items. The origin of each carpet can be traced aided by the colors selected for the rug and its pattern.

Oriental carpets are highly popular not only because of their tradition, but also because they are a high-quality, durable and long-lasting product. High quality has absolute priority during production, not mass machine production!

What are the distinguishing features of an oriental carpet?
Various distinguishing and quality features set oriental carpets apart. Design criteria are first and foremost. The colors and patterns of a genuine oriental carpet indicate the region where the carpet was made, because the designs and patterns are often passed down from generation to generation within a region. Persian carpets are a good example: they are made in Iran, i.e., in the territory of former Persia. The number of knots per square meter serves as the quality feature for a Persian carpet, as with all other oriental carpets. This means that the higher the number of knots contained in one square meter, the more valuable, durable and hard-wearing an orient rug will be.

The price of a genuine oriental carpet depends on age, origin, design and materials used: wool, kork wool and silk come into question in this regard. Oriental carpets, however, are not only decorative pieces. Like any other carpet, they may also be used without hesitation in everyday life. Their original use, as intended by nomads, makes them particularly durable and long-lasting.

What does an oriental carpet match with?
Wool oriental carpets may be easily combined with any furnishing style because these fine carpets come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Modern furniture and design classics both harmonize well with a Persian carpet. Given their very durable and hard-wearing features, oriental carpets can be used in almost all rooms. Every area where they appear, whether hallway or living room, will be visually upgraded.



    Price range

    15 € - 42015 €

    Standard size


    30 - 810


    30 cm - 420 cm

    • 585,00 € VAT included

      585,00 € VAT included

      Length 230 cm
      Width 135 cm

    • 518,00 € VAT included

      518,00 € VAT included

      Length 165 cm
      Width 110 cm

    • 3 900,00 € VAT included

      3 900,00 € VAT included

      Length 240 cm
      Width 160 cm

    • 151,00 € VAT included

      151,00 € VAT included

      Length 118 cm
      Width 77 cm

    • 335,00 € VAT included

      335,00 € VAT included

      Length 178 cm
      Width 103 cm

    • 3 250,00 € VAT included

      3 250,00 € VAT included

      Length 205 cm
      Width 135 cm

    • 490,00 € VAT included

      490,00 € VAT included

      Length 90 cm
      Width 60 cm

    • 990,00 € VAT included

      990,00 € VAT included

      Length 390 cm
      Width 295 cm

    • 168,00 € VAT included

      168,00 € VAT included

      Length 90 cm
      Width 60 cm

    • 988,00 € VAT included

      988,00 € VAT included

      Length 210 cm
      Width 160 cm

    • 1 500,00 € VAT included

      1 500,00 € VAT included

      Length 250 cm
      Width 180 cm

    • 960,00 € Before 1 200,00 € -20% VAT included

      960,00 € Before 1 200,00 € -20% VAT included

      Length 299 cm
      Width 200 cm

      Reduced price!
    • 4 250,00 € VAT included

      4 250,00 € VAT included

      Length 310 cm
      Width 198 cm

    • 2 450,00 € VAT included

      2 450,00 € VAT included

      Length 120 cm
      Width 79 cm

    • 1 300,00 € VAT included

      1 300,00 € VAT included

      Length 392 cm
      Width 80 cm

    • 3 600,00 € VAT included

      3 600,00 € VAT included

      Length 203 cm
      Width 132 cm

    • 570,00 € VAT included

      570,00 € VAT included

      Length 110 cm
      Width 72 cm

    • 690,00 € VAT included

      690,00 € VAT included

      Length 382 cm
      Width 75 cm

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