Carpet Qualities


Hardly any product evidences such a diverse and creative spectrum as oriental carpets. It is only logical that there are also many different grades of quality. Which quality grade you choose depends on the kind of material you prefer and indeed, in the final analysis, on how much you want to invest.

The quality of an oriental carpet depends on the material used to make it and the carpet’s knot density. The kind of wool that is processed significantly matters. There are consequently clear differences in quality depending on both the origin and the breed of sheep. The following factors play a role: the specific region where the sheep live, the region’s predominate climate, the quantity of available food and how the wool is ultimately spun and dyed.

Silk is also incorporated into many oriental carpets. The higher the share of silk thread, the higher the quality of the carpet. Pure silk carpets are considered the most valuable among oriental carpets.

The second quality criterion is knot density. The finer the carpets are knotted, i.e., the higher the number of knots per square meter, the more delicate the patterns and designs and the more time-consuming production will be. Finely knotted carpets are thus considered higher quality carpets than coarse carpets and subsequently cost more.

You will find only select quality carpets in our range of products that are distinguished by high-quality workmanship and well-groomed appearance. Needless to say, your personal taste is always what really counts in the end.


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