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Kashan Carpets – Persian Carpets with a Long Tradition
Like most oriental rugs, Kashan carpets are named after their place of origin. A striking appearance and a special knotting technique make these carpets highly exceptional.

Kashan carpets - overview
Kashan is a city in today’s Central Iran. It is located on an old caravan road that stretches from Teheran and continues as far away as India and Pakistan. The term “Kashan carpet” refers to all of the carpets knotted in the vicinity of Kashan which includes approx. 80 towns and villages. Kashan carpets rank among the best oriental rugs and are found under various names such as Keshan, Keschan or Kaschan. The reason for the various spellings is that transliteration of Arabic into the Latin alphabet is not officially regulated.

What Kashan carpets look like
The heart of every person fond of oriental rugs beats faster at the sight of a Kashan carpet. These elegant carpets are usually limited to red and blue, or exquisite patterns may also be seen in blue on a bright background. Kashan carpets frequently have a medallion pattern; carpets from this region with repetitive patterns are rather rare. Flower tendrils and hunting scenes are widespread. The corners of Kashan carpets are always sumptuously adorned. The pile of a Kashan carpet is very dense in most cases and consists of wool. Warp and weft are made of cotton yarn, and silk is also used sometimes.

What makes Kashan carpets so special?
Kashan carpets are among the best Persian carpets both visually and in terms of craftsmanship. Both weaving technique and the pattern are outstanding:
Visual appearance, Kashan carpets mostly have a medallion in the center that rests upon a Shah Abbas pattern. This pattern illustrates various flower tendrils and patterns, such as palmettes, rosettes or lancet leaves. The tendrils ensure that the various flowers combine and create an image similar to a garden. Knotting this kind of pattern is very complicated because it requires a high knot density. The medallion may have various shapes, bulges or pendants. A diamond shape is frequently seen.
Weaving technique: Kashan carpets are knotted with asymmetrical Persian knots. The Kashan is the only oriental rug for which this technique is used. In 2010, UNESCO placed this technique on the representative list of mankind’s intangible cultural heritage.

Why is it worth buying a Kashan carpet?
Kashan carpets are among the most traditional and beautiful specimens. If you like oriental rugs, you will have no other choice than simply to love Kashan carpets. They are not only visually appealing but also made-to-last and durable because of their high quality. Kashan carpets can certainly be passed on to the next generation. They may also increase in value, so that Kashan carpets are capable of being a real asset.

A Kashan carpet attracts everyone’s gaze
These marvelously beautiful carpets come in various sizes. The majestic pattern is especially well accentuated on a large carpet. A Kashan carpet is very well suited for representative purposes. It will invigorate large rooms, and it nearly seems as if the carpet savors being the center of attention. A Kashan carpet will look good especially in a living or dining area or in a large hall.

Kashan carpets perfectly match any furnishing style thanks to their various patterns and colours. If you prefer a more simple style, you can choose a carpet model that displays blue patterns on a bright background. The classic red colour is, by contrast, an immediate eye-catcher and fits especially well with a warm furnishing style. Kashan are not only outstanding on the floor; they also excel as tapestries.

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