Fars, a sprawling province in southern Persia, is nestled in the Zagros Mountains. Numerous nomadic tribes from diverse ethnic groups are home to this fertile area. Nomads began making carpets centuries ago, originally for their own use. Today, they knot carpets as a sideline occupation and trade them in Shiraz, an important commercial center.

The distinctive features of these nomad carpets include typical diamond motifs, figures and partial use of goat hair as warp threads. The highly diverse ethnic groups in this gigantic area have their own respective “knotting signature”, and each fabricated carpet can be matched with its respective ethnic group.

The Qashqai nomads constitute the largest ethnic group in this area. They knot their carpets on horizontal looms. The special feature of these looms is that they can be rolled up and are virtually “mobile”.

Qashqai rugs have a firm knot structure and are primarily knotted on cotton or also on goat hair. Their finest carpets are called "Kashkuli".



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