The Patchwork Carpet – A Classic Persian Carpet
Over the past years, patchwork carpets, also known as “vintage carpets”, have gained in popularity and are now fully in vogue. Numerous varieties of classic patchwork rugs are now available. In most cases, old and worn carpets are cut up and reassembled after having been painstakingly refurbished. The carpets undoubtedly look more modern, yet retain their vintage look.

What is a patchwork carpet?
Origin and production of a patchwork carpet
Most patchwork carpets are currently being refurbished in Turkey. Purchasers from patchwork manufacturers buy old, used (highly worn) carpets at small and large trading venues in Turkey. These carpets, also known as “vintage carpets”, are subsequently washed thoroughly, their dye is removed and they are dyed or “coloured” again in various colours.

Patchwork carpets are also manufactured in Persia. Worn carpets are refurbished in a similar manner as in Turkey. However a special feature is that the old, used Persian carpets still have pile that is well preserved.

Carpets from the provenances Hamadan, Malayer, Garadjeh, Kashmar, Kashan, Shiraz and many more serve as the “source” of used carpets. The carpets are subject to a thorough “cleaning treatment” and, unlike Turkish patchworks, their dye is not removed nor are they newly dyed. The carpets, which have retained their original characteristic features, are cut up and carefully sewn together with other carpet patches. The carpet’s shape remains rectangular.

The inexhaustible multitude of Persian carpets permits creation of decorative and durable patchwork carpets. All of them consist of 100% cotton and are handwoven. Each carpet is unique. All patchwork carpets are eye-catchers and make in a good appearance on any floor. Patchwork carpets are trendy and modern classics. Their presence puts the finishing touch on any modern or conventionally timeless ambience. A flat-weave carpet, such as the patchwork carpet, definitely offers every vintage carpet lover the modern look of handwoven silk. The patchwork carpet has meanwhile become the quintessence of the “modern carpet” and fits very well into any living room.

Manufacturing tradition
The tradition of producing patchwork carpets has already been pursued for over a century in some localities. The basic idea is to refurbish worn materials and sew useable pieces together into a pattern. Carpets are pieced together into patchworks in this manner but not haphazardly. Rather, fragments of patterns are thoughtfully revitalized piece by piece as new carpets; sometimes framed in a continuous border or simply without any border. Our shop naturally sells coloured vintage carpets in various colours such as blue, beige or brown, and all of them can be delivered within 3 to 4 days.


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