Kelim-Carpets are original Persian Carpets 

Origin of the Kelim

Kelim carpets are the most original of all flat-weave carpets. Nomadic tribes in Persia are still traditionally handcrafting them today. The carpets primarily originate from the expansive Fars territory, located south of the city of Shiraz between the Kuhrud and Zagros Mountains. Unlike classically knotted Persian carpets, very flat and thin weaves are created when Kelim rugs are woven. Kelim carpets thus have very versatile uses. In addition to their traditional use as rugs, they may also be hung on the wall as decoration or used as a bedspread. 

Patterns of the Kelim carpet

The patterns of Kelim rugs frequently display geometric images, mostly shaped as rectangles. Kelims are also patterned in a very minimalist manner, i.e., they have very discreet patterns or images, or may also be completely single-coloured. These kinds of Kelims are traded as designer Kelims. Most Kelims consist of only two or three basic colours that harmonize well with each other. So-called "Djadjims" are another unique specialty. Djadjims are very finely woven, multicolour Kelims with a thin stripe pattern caused by the way they are produced. 

Vintage carpets

So-called vintage carpets are very popular today, especially among the younger generation. Vintage carpets are old and worn-out carpets that are completely refurbished, i.e., newly dyed, repaired and reworked. In the end, their design emerges as very trendy and modern. Vintage carpets match very well with plain, modern furniture and interiors and lend an extravagant accent to each living ambience. 

Patchwork Kelim

Patchwork Kelims are also currently in high demand. Patchwork in itself has a very old tradition. Eons ago, worn-out and used Kelim carpets were cut into pieces and reassembled. The main objective back then was simply to reuse old carpets and not throw anything away. The main focus today is on completely new design combinations and patterns that emerge by sewing various pieces of carpet together. Each Patchwork Kelim is thus a unique carpet and tells its own story. Today, new Kelim carpets are being produce in part solely for making patchworks as demand continually rise, especially among the young generation.

In addition to Patchwork Kelims, there are also very traditional patchwork rugs that are woven from old knotted carpet components. The diversity in the field of patchwork carpets is inexhaustible and offers something for each taste, each type of furnishing and each budget. Here again, older and retired Persian carpets are washed, refurbished, cut and subsequently sewn together with carpets that originated elsewhere. In this case, the designer pays special attention that the pattern and harmony of colours match and that the carpet does not make a “dissonant” impression. Flower patterns, for example, are only rarely matched with geometric patterns unless the two excellently fit together. Patchwork generally enables a large diversity of opportunities for designs in all areas. 

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Our range of products includes a wide variety of Kelim vintage rugs and patchwork rugs that we have assembled for you and range from very bright and natural colours to patchwork Kelims. The Kelim carpet is the most original type of flat-weave carpet. Nomadic tribes in Persia are still weaving it. We have assembled a vast number of Kelim carpets for you and offer a wide variety of bright, natural colour and patchwork Kelim rugs. Patchwork and vintage carpets are reprocessed carpets with a completely new look.


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